Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 day PNH blog challenge - Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3-What is your partners favorite game?

Hmm, when Duke's playing with other horses, definitely the porcupine game. On those occasions when I have a chance to observe him interacting with other horses, he uses his teeth to move the other horse, everytime. He's not afraid to back down from a more dominate horse, either.

When Duke's playing with me, it's the driving game. Lately I've noticed when we're playing this on the 22' line and I send him to an object, he's engaged and asking lots of questions; he never used to ask questions. On the 12' line he really enjoys the driving game when I'm in zone 2 or 3. For now, that's his game, but in six months or a year, it may be a different game he enjoys more. He's really starting to put more energy into the circling game than he used to and whether that has to do with a more dynamic extroverted nature, or something else I cannot say at this time.

Day 4-One BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) moment you've had?
Oh boy...there's been so many! Most recently it was during a session weaving four cones on the 22' line that wasn't going very well. Cones were falling over, Duke was rushing through the pattern, getting ahead of me, and I was getting frustrated.  It took a friend pointing out to me that maybe the foundatoin was weak and needed strengthening. Sure enough, we went back to the 12' line and slowed down; the cones stayed upright, Duke stayed calm and walked within the pattern of the cones. Lesson learned: when things don't appear to be working check for holes in the foundation.

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