Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 day PNH blog challenge, Days 11 through 14

Day 11-Pat and Linda don't where a helmet….do you? Why or Why Not?

At present I do not. It is something I think about everyday.

Day 12-Your favorite horsenality to play with and why?

Can't say, having never played with every horsenality yet.

Day 13-Post a video (could be an audition) of you playing with your horse

Here's an older clip of Duke and I playing about a year ago.

Day 14-What PNH tools, clothing, tack etc. do you own?
Oh boy...let's see. 3 rope halters (blue, green and black) 2 12' lead ropes, 2 22' lead ropes, 1 45' rope, 2 carrot sticks, 4 6' savvy strings (3 white, 1 red), 9' finesse reins, Western Theraflex pad with 2 shims, green ball, purple long sleeve shirt, several t-shirts and a sun visor. 


wilsonc said...

That's some pretty impressive groundwork! He's definitely focused in on you. Good job!

As to the helmet question...I do wear a helmet. I NEVER ride without a helmet. Why? Because I've come off twice and both times I've broken bones and both times I've smacked my head hella hard on the ground. To me a helmet is like a seatbelt. Just a little extra protection. It may not save your life...but it just might. Helmet hair is a pain in the @$$ but that's what ball caps were made for.

To compete in our dressage competitions as of this year helmets are required for anyone on horseback on the grounds even if they aren't going to show.

This is a hot button for lots of people. Personally, I think Pat and Linda (and a lot of other horse people in the spotlight) should be setting a better example.

kbear said...

Loved the video! you have done some awesome work with him!...I don't wear a helmet when I ride a horse even if it's been years since I've ridden. can't imagine wearing one either except on a motorcycle...