Monday, February 28, 2011

30 day PNH blog challenge, Days 24 through 30

Day 24-A time PNH made things harder for you and your horse.

I've thought and thought about this, but nothing comes immediately to mind. 

Day 25-What is the most challenging aspect of your relationship with your horse.

Gaining Duke's trust in me. He's very skeptical and easily offended. Very sensitive and I have to really monitor my body language and energy. 

Day 26-What is your favorite obstacle to play with.

Ground poles because there are so many different ways to play with them; forwards over, backwards over, sideways, between two parallel poles, dragging, make a turnaround box...mazes, many possibilities. 

Day 27-A time you have impressed someone with your PNH skills “I Like your horse.”

There's a young girl at the barn, a 4-H member who recently purchased her first horse. The horse, a buckskin gelding, is not well suited for her and isn't a beginners horse. He's very high spirited and she now realizes he's too much horse for her. While playing with Duke a couple of weeks ago, the young girl made that very statement to me "I like your horse." It's a great compliment to receive when someone notices.

Day 28-Love, Language, Leadership: what is the easiest for you and what is the most challenging.

Love is the easiest...although sometimes it does get tested. Language is the most challenging; learning Duke's language and expressing it effectively requires mental fitness and focus. I tend to get easily scattered and need to overcome this.

Day 29-If you could ride one of Pat or Linda's horses which one would it be and why?

Oh boy...I'd love to ride Magic...she's such an amazing horse. I've been a fan of Magic from the first time I saw Pat and Magic together. She's such a lovely mover.

Day 30-What have you learned about yourself since you have started doing PNH.
I can be a raving perfectionist (to a fault), I take things too seriously...but, I am more comfortable going outside my comfort zone than I used to be, and I'm learning how to have fun, again.

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