Monday, February 7, 2011

30 day PNH blog challenge, Days 5 through 9

Day 5 - What is your favorite DVD, Celebration, Tour Stop etc..etc…moment?

Reno Celebration May 2009 Kalley Krickberg playing with the Atwood Ranch yearlings. When the livestock trailer entered the arena and the yearlings began following that trailer around with Dean Martin singing 'Return to Me' in the brought tears to my eyes.

Day 6 - What is your dream with your horse?

To experience what it means when there's nothing you can't do when your horse becomes a part of you.

And maybe someday participate and finish a 50 mile endurance ride.

Day 7- A time you turned a moment of frustration into a moment of "Hmm How Interesting?"

Last week during a session of weaving between cones. Duke kept knocking the cones over, rushing ahead of me and just wasn't into the exercise. We were playing on the 22' line and a friend helped me realize we needed to go back to the 12' line and slow down.

Day 8 - What is your horsenality, what is your partners horsenality and how do you make them work together?
 I'm a left brain introvert, Duke is a left brain extrovert and until recently he was an introvert. The more we travel on this journey, the more he reveals himself to me. With this recent change I need to study the extrovert personality more, but I'm finding that as long as I play with him everyday, he's more and more eager to get out and do something.

Day 9 - A moment you have had with your partner that would not have been possible without PNH.

Loading Duke by myself in the trailer with calm confidence. For me, that was a major turning point in my journey.


wilsonc said...

Sounds like things are coming along nicely for both you and Duke!!!

kbear said...

Love your your dream. I know one day you & Duke will be as one:)...