Sunday, February 13, 2011

PNH 30 day blog challenge

Day 15-How is PNH perceived where you live, board or ride at?

So far, so good. Since beginning PNH almost three years ago, I've never had anyone express harsh words about it at the barn. Actually, just the opposite is true. If people don't know we are Parelli students, they soon figure it out. Everyday my friend Debbie and I can be found playing with our boys. Sometimes people will stop and watch us play, especially when we have the Big Green Ball out and the horses are chasing it around. People ask us questions, and are always impressed with how well behaved the boys are in hand and under saddle. The barn owner affectionately calls us the Parelli twins. When someone is having a problem, they seek our advise; more Debbie than I as she has more experience. I believe our horses serve as ambassadors for natural horsemanship methods. They are not perfect, but they are great partners and amazing teachers.

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