Monday, February 28, 2005

An Open Letter...

Diamond Rio "I Believe"

To My Devine Creator:

With each passing day I learn. These lessons you place in my path for a reason. But must there be so many tests? Geez, even my college professor’s didn’t test me this much! Okay, sorry, but I had to say that. I know you have a sense of humor; when I see dolphins skimming backward across the water on their tail, I know you are smiling with me at their antics. Why else would you have put a perpetual smile on the face of dolphin?

In the days of my youth I foolishly thought I could master all the lessons of life in one life time. You gave me the energy and stamina I needed to propel me forward. Now, I have reached the mid-point (hopefully) of my life and I see some of the folly in my youthful thinking. Ummm, okay, I see a lot of the folly.

When I think I have learned tolerance, you place resentment in my path. In this I shall learn to endure, this I know.

When I think I have learned patience, you place restlessness in my path.  In this I shall learn to persevere, this I know.

When I think I have learned forgiveness, you place accusation in my path. In this I shall learn to release, this I know.

When I think I have learned compassion, you place indifference in my path. In this I shall learn to affect, this I know.

When I think I have learned wisdom, you place foolishness in my path. In this I shall learn to understand, this I know.

When I think I have learned courtesy, you place arrogance in my path.  In this I shall learn to be humble, this I know.

When I think I have learned serenity, you place agitation in my path. In this I shall learn to soothe, this I know.

In the days of my youth I opened my heart and senses to all of the wonders of your creation. But in my vulnerability, many times I received bitterness and hatred. The bitterness consumed my senses, the hatred seeped into my heart, and my soul shut down to protect me from deeper damage. And so my soul slumbered, conserving the energy I needed to heal those wounds. During that time you watched over me, defending me in my stillness. You knew the day would come when I would awaken and rise, once again, to continue my journey.

When I felt I would not heal, you showed me your light.
When I felt I was not worthy, you showed me mercy.
When I felt I was not loved, you showed me tenderness.
When I felt there was no hope, you showed me beauty.
When I felt I could not survive, you showed me purpose.
When I felt I could not reach, you showed me The Way
And when I could not feel, you touched me.

All this you do, for me, so I can be the person you know I am. You put me here for a reason. Each and every day you remind me the lessons I have learned can easily be forgotten. Perhaps that is why you put subtle reminders in my path. In the days and years that lay ahead, there will be times when I forget, but I know you will remind me. And I will listen. And I will remember. I will remember that you are not finished with me, and that is why I am here. The lessons are not yet complete...and so I continue to learn.

There is no greater love than that which I have known through you.

In your name, I remain your child,

~~Pruning is necessary for growth.~~


karebear4x4 said...

thank you for reminding me these lessons we learn.......and thank you for the correct serenity prayer   i wrote it down so as not to mess it up again.   thanks again   -karen

grofsand said...

AMEN!    How eloquent an expression of love and appreciation!  :)

   We all  have an idea on how to raise a "good" child.....but what would you answer to the question..."how would you raise your child to be a worthless bum?"

 Well, I suppose you would say...first, spoil the for it all the toys and candy it wants. Don't let the child its homework.....allow it to stay home and watch TV and play video games til midnight.  As the child grows into adolesence, always tell the teen they are  always right.....never let them make a bed or hold a job with resposibility.....Hey, we're almost there......give em a fancy car, clothes and plenty of spending money....I think we have it....we have just raised a worthless bum!
A person who has a perverted value system and does not undertsand the meaning of  responsibility.

  How wise of our Creator to withdraw a life of "charity" to something as spectacular as the Human he created!   What would we be like if life had not one challange? If there was not one obstacle to go around?  Would we ever fully appreciate the beauty of a sunrise...if we were allowed to sleep all day? Would we savor the flavor of a fruit if it were handed to us all day long on silver trays? We would have lost all that is eloquent in being Human!!
Who would have the need to be wise? Why seek knowledge, when there would be nothing more to gain?

  You are so wise be grateful  after all these tests!  

Another beautiful Child has been raised!         Warmly   Marc :)

childebrand1968 said...

Beautifully done~

Thanks for reminding me... and us all....


pixiedustnme said...

yup, yup - but somedays I've REALLY had enough of being on the learning end of the lessons :-)

thisismary said...

We read to know that we are not alone.  -- C.S. Lewis

I love reading your journal, truly.  

karebear4x4 said...

i had to comment again!    this is such a beautiful writing    i'm going to copy it as soon as my copier works again     THANKS    MUCHO GRACIAS!   -karen

delela1 said...

I am humbled by all your comments.  Thank you.  And Kelly, LOL!  Ah, I know what you mean...isn't there supposed to be a recess...or play time?  ~Dona  

brvheart1037 said...

I have yet to learn all of these virtues and I'm looking forward to doing so in the future.