Sunday, March 13, 2005

Let Me Clarify That...

To Mother Nature:    

You know that entry I made a couple of days ago, titled 'Spring It On Me."  I used Linda Goodman's poem and it mentions a 'Sky-Rocket-Block-Buster Miracle.'  Perhaps I should have been a little more clear in the type of miracle.

I truly admire your work, and I dont' wish to minimize any effort you have made, but we need to talk...about that hornet's nest at the cabin.  Yeah.  Ummmm, that's not quite the miracle I had in mind.  Now the little miniture daffy' them.  That's the kind of stuff I meant.  But, I think the hornet's nest, well, to be honest, I gotta tell ya, I really don't want it.  Please take it back, 'k?  Please?

If you do me this one favor, I promise I will be more specific and provide better details in all future wishes.  Really, I will.  Seriously.  I've learned my lesson.




~~Don't mess with Mother Nature.~~


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