Sunday, March 6, 2005

Rocky Mountain Way

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Here in Idaho, spring is in the air.  Each morning on my drive to work I see daffodils already in bloom, their bright happy faces a reminder of what's to come.  Friday the sun shined all day; when I left work at 4 in the afternoon, the temp was a balmy 65 degrees.  Beautiful.

Yesterday we spent some time outdoors, getting the flower beds ready for spring.  And none too soon; the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths have all awakened from their winter slumber.  The daffy's will bloom soon  :)  but the tulips and hyacinths will be a while.  I love daffy's, they are the perfect spring flower with their warm sunny colors.  But tulips are one of my favorite's, they remind me of dancers when I see them swaying in a gentle breeze.  I have one tulip that is the most beautiful I've ever seen, it's called Shirley (which I purchased in memory of my Mom's best friend).  It blooms white, with just a slight tinge of dark purple on the petals edge.  Over time, the purple slowly 'bleeds' into the petals, while the shade of purple fades just a little.  It is marvelous; a favorite of Amy, Kari, and myself.  You'll see, don't worry.  I won't keep it all to myself.  :-]

Last night was the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation benefit/auction.  We've been attending this event for about ten years.  It's one of the last winter events here in the valley, and a chance for me to catch up with friends I haven't seen for awhile.

Betty, me, Sherry, Vicki

The event is well attended each year and with all the games there are many freebies to be had. You can try your luck at the raffle tables with about 100 prizes ranging from cast iron dutch ovens to log furniture. Or, roam around the silent auction tables, again with about 100 different items for, books, hunting accessories, etc. And finally, the live auction for about 40 more items.

Me and Trish (who is responsible for my affinity for both chocolate and apple martini's).

The past few years, Sam has made several purchases during the live auction. I like the raffle because you can acquire some very cool things...for free (well, kinda free). Last year I won a beautifully framed winter elk print titled 'Leading Them Down.' It was the first time I ever won anything in a raffle. This year, we didn't buy anything, or win anything. 

Jolene must be in a kissing mood.----------->

There is a large group of us who attend this event together. I guess there are probably 30 people in our group, all of them work with Sam. It all started as something as something to do to beat the winter blahs.




<---Me and June, whose husband had a mild heart attack in January. He now has two stints in his artery.

I'm not into hunting, that's Sam's thing.  In the beginning of our relationship I tagged along with him a few times, especially if our friends Bill and Bona were going.  During hunting season several years ago, the four of us were standing in a huge open meadow on a ridge.  It was a beautiful sunny day, warm and calm.  I was standing on a stump, looking down into the draw and I heard something whiz by my ear.  Then I saw Sam, Bill, and Bona all running toward me.  As I wondered what had just zoomed past me, one of the guys shouted "Let's get out of here!"  Before I could open my mouth, Sam grabbed my hand and pulled me off the stump.  We all ran back to our four-wheelers parked around a corner and we high tailed it out of there back to the cabins.  The sound I heard whiz past my ear, was a bullet.  Moments earlier, I was standing in that very same spot and had just stepped up on the stump.  I never heard the report of the gun.  And we were all wearing bright hunter orange jackets and caps.  When we arrived back at thecabin, I got off the four wheeler, and told Sam if he wanted to hunt that was fine with me.  But I will stay home.  I'm just not into the dodging bullets thing, you know. 

BTW, my friend Bona is no longer in a coma, and is now home.  Doing fine.  :) 


karebear4x4 said...

Idaho?   now i have a general idea where you are in the northwest    there was a time i lived in Boise for a few years   it is beautiful up there!    I'm happy you dodged that bullet and happier to hear that your friend is out of her coma.   God Bless!    have a great day!  -karen

pixiedustnme said...

Wow - sounds like you had a great weekend.  It broke 40 here today - with the sunshine i could almost pretend it was spring!