Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spring It On Me!

Spring me owes something

so far, she's pulled off a few splendid sparklers
a plump, rosy angel, who stayed for awhile
a make believe tree house
and once, a shiny gold ring

but not a real Sky-Rocket-Block-Buster Miracle
like she always promised me . .

maybe this year, unexpectedly

from The Song of the Ram
Linda Goodman's Love Poems



I've always loved Linda Goodman's writings, especially the above's a long-time favorite. This year, I got a little unexpected surprise. Yesterday morning as I left for work, I noticed I had one daffodil ready to bloom. :) For me, that's exciting. But then, while strolling through the tree farm across the street, a flash of yellow...very low to the ground, caught my eye. I moved in for a closer look, navigating my way through the evergreens.


"Earth laughs in flowers." -Ralph Waldo Emerson




Surprise! What a find! Are they miniture daffodils? Hmmm. Don't know. But, today I took out my yard stick (I'm curious by nature, can't be helped). See for yourself.

I've never seen such tiny daffodils before! They are so cute! :)




Sometimes I wonder, if happy could be a color, would it be the color of daffodils?



~~Everyone has a story worth telling and a dream worth pursuing.~~


robinngabster said...

Those are so pretty! I wish I had a bunch for myself! Do they smell good?

trishaham said...

They are adorable! I just love spring flowers.

God Bless.

judithheartsong said...

I have loved the snow but am looking forward to the explosion of Spring:):) judi

pixiedustnme said...

I want spring here too!