Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot #3

Your Monday Photo Shoot #3: Humiliate the Pets!  <--click

John Scalzi is feeling in a bit of a sporky mood today, and suggesed we have some capricious fun at the expense of dumb animals!

Your Monday Photo Shoot #3: Show your pet in scenario that would be embarrassing to it, if it knew enough to be embarrassed.

  "Do you mind?"
  -- Charlie & Patches have a 'private' moment.  I nick named Charlie my phantom cat because of the half white mask on his face.  He was a stray who adopted me during the summer of 1991, and the vet said he was a Maine Coon breed...okay.  Don't know about that, but he did have the most unusal looking fur.  And those green eyes!  Patches was Kari's cat and Patches just loved Charlie.  Both Charlie and Patches crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago, and we all miss them very much!  Hopefully this pic doesn't cross the rule about amorous pets.  After all, they are just 'petting.' 

-- Apparently this is a very comfortable position, because Allie always falls asleep in the back seat this way. It hurts my back just looking at her. She's a labrador mix and a hyper dog, very hyper...bouncing off the walls, running in circles hyper...so moments like this are treasured.

Since we are on the topic of humiliating pets, this deserves to be re-visited.  Extreme cats video <---click (1 min, 39 sec)


~~Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. -Anatole France~~


boiseladie said...

Ahh... very cute photos of your pets!  Thanks for sharing.

labdancer51 said...

Awww... how cute.  I just love the way Allie looks so peaceful even in that uncomfortable looking position. I think dogs would sleep on their heads if they could get there in the first place!   What breed is she ?     Sandra xxx


sarajanesmiles said...

Awww, lovely kitty and doggie photo's :o)
Tell Allie 'woof' from me!!
Sara   x

kokoapuffy1 said...

These are great pict's. My daughters Rottie likes to sleep in the back seat too, don't know how they do it. lol! I wouldn't be able to move for days, if I tried that! Allie is a beautiful dog.         ~Deborah

cyndygee said...

Love your dog sleeping in that COMFY position in the car!  Why do they do that!  Sometimes my Maltese will lay on her back, paws straight up in the air . . .   lookin' like a dead armadillo, but she's SOUND asleep!  

Hey, come visit my new journal sometime.  I have pics of my 3 dogs, 2 Schnauzers in addition to my Maltese.  My house is a regular PET HOTEL!  LOL.

lindainspokane said...

what adorable pictures of your animals! they all look so comfy too! hope u have a great wednesday..


courlog said...

Your pets look so content with life!  Great pics!!

lvspetey said...

Two of my cats, Lori and Joey, are also in love off and on again. They huddle together and sleep together almost daily. The third cat, Petey, just looks on with disgust.

delela1 said...

Thanks everyone for all the compliments!  We do love our animals, don't we?