Sunday, May 15, 2005

Easy - Week # 6

Kelly is really on a roll with her 'easy like Sunday morning' questions.  Last week she asked about our favorite mother's...this week she says...

Tell me......

"Do you have a favorite 'comfort food'......extra points if you share a recipe!"

A natural progression, I think.  Always conjures up warm fuzzy memories for me...

But anyway, here goes.

My comfort food is a dessert called Weight Watcher's Banana Split Cake.  In a word, heaven.  It's light, creamy, sweet but not too sweet, melt in your mouth, smile on your face, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmm.  All of the pleasure, with none of the guilt (it's almost better than $ex).

I've had the recipe for many years, and it is always a crowd pleaser.  When the girls were living at home, if I made BSC it never lasted more than two or three days.  They ate it for breakfast, after school, after dinner...I could never make it enough.  The first time I made it for them the oldest watched me intently as I went through the preparations.  When I finished, she asked, "Can we eat it now?"

"Not yet," I replied.  "It has to be refrigerated for a couple of hours first so the pudding will set."

Without hesitation she scooped the glass cake pan off the counter, opened the refrigerator door and popped the dessert into the frig.  To which her father replied, "She says, well what are you waiting for?  Let's get that puppy in the frig!"

Youthful enthusiasm.  Don't cha just love it?

So anyway, for those extra points (?) I'm posting the recipe.  Funny that Kelly did this, because I've beenthinking about posting this recipe for quite some time, but just never got around to it. 

Weigh Watcher's Banana Split Cake

16 - 2 1/2 inch squares of graham cracker crumbs (about 1 cup)
4 tablespoons diet margarine, melted
Mix crumbs and margarine, press into an 8x8 or 9x9 inch pan.
1 pkg low calorie vanilla pudding mix (or sugar free)
Evaporated skim milk, lowfat
Mix pudding according to directions. Chill (about 30 minutes) before speading on graham cracker crust.
2 medium bananas, sliced on top of pudding
2 cups well drained pineapples, cubed; plopped on top of bananas and pudding
1 cup Cool Whip, spread over top
2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, drizzled over Cool Whip
1 ounze walnuts, optional, sprinkled over top
Chill about two hours before serving.

Serves 8

1 bread exchange, 3/4 fat exchange, 1 milk exchange, 1 fruit exchange, 45 calories optional.

I always double the recipe, because trust me, it won't last long if you don't.

Maybe it should be called 'Better Than $ex.' ;)


jolie424 said...

I just found your journal last night ....glad I did, thanks for taking the time to post the yummy recipe!


mkolasa101 said...

Sounds delicious to me, I'm going to try this, thanks.


jolie424 said...


Thanks so much for dropping by the journal! As for owning a horse I never even dreamed of it before I was 40 but then there was this cowboy I dated for a year and half and he had horses, I helped built his stables and I feel in love with the horse but not the man... he was a mean man. My sweet mother was worried about me in that relationship and she helped me buy my horse Gracie (she new that would help me to sever the relationship and fill up my time so I wouldn't be moping around). Well she was right, since then I have met a great man who know nothing about horses but was willing to learn, between the 2 of us and many others at the barn we have raised a pretty good mare, she was 5 1/2 months old when I got her. It is a real dream come true to finally be able to go on trail ride, granted they are on the land surrounding the barn but I'LL take. There are actually quite a few Lakes that have horse trails, that is the next thing I have to conquer. Well enough about me, Have a great Monday and I hope you will drop by my journal again.


stansgirl2004 said...

Sounds wonderful. Do you know how many points are in a slice?

my3gifts said...

Oh Dona that sounds so good and since I've been on WW for 14 weeks now, I will definately be trying that. Any clue how many points it is? If not I'll try to figure it out or take it to my next meeting and see if we can figure it out together!

Thanks for sharing! YUMMY!

pixiedustnme said...

oh that does sound yummy - i just LOVE banana, but low calorie pudding? really?

delela1 said...

Well, the pudding I generally find is Sugar Free.  On its own, not so wonderful as it has that funny aftertaste.  BUT...throw that same pudding into this dessert and voila!  Funny aftertaste is gone, replaced by yummy lip smackin sweetness.