Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Encouraging News!

Mom was just here with the baby, who did not want her picture taken today.  Oh, I got some pics of her, but she's got her hand in front of her face, or her head turned away in every one. 

But the good news!  Doc said the double diapering is working.  :) :) :) :)  Baby is improving each day; however, he still wants a specialist to check her over.

We are very happy with this report.  :)


**For the sake of privacy, I will no longer be posting photos of the baby.  I have deleted entries and some of your comments to protect the privacy of individuals.  I hesitated to post them, and after speaking to the parents, I have removed the photos and names.**


sarajanesmiles said...

Yay for the double diapering!!
So glad to hear it's working :o)
Sara   x

karebear4x4 said...

Great news to hear!  glad it's working and i like the precautionary measures being taken too...hope she is all fine real soon!~kbear

pixiedustnme said...

Yes!  That is good news!  The human body is such an amazing thing.

childebrand1968 said...


I agree it's best to be safe than sorry, so a trip to Shriner's just for ensurance that she is healing nicely  :)

Glad its working for her!


grofsand said...

Am communing my prayers for a complete and swift mend!
Enjoy, laugh and embrace....miracles come in all sizes! Marc :)

labdancer51 said...

Oh, I am really pleased to hear that. It must be a big relief for you all. :-)  

Sandra xxx

gwatcdr said...

That is wonderful news.  And I don't blame you for deleteing them there are lot of stalkers out there.  Nicki

gaboatman said...

So glad to hear the baby's hips are shifting properly.  I know you are all relieved.  This is really good news.  Sam

mheing2003 said...

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