Monday, May 30, 2005

In My Eyes...

This morning at the gym I witnessed a sight so warm, so true, so magical I think it could easily carry me on for days.  Even now, hours later, I'm still smiling at the memory of it.

I was working out on a stair climber listening to my iPod.  There are four treadmills in front of me and each one is occupied.  To my left is a young buck running, next are two mature ladies, the first probably in her 70s and the second in her 50s, and last is a mature gentleman probably in his 70s.  The latter three are walking, not running.   Several minutes into my workout, 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel started to play.  Halfway through the song, I saw the older gentleman step off his treadmill and walk over to the 70ish lady directly in front of me.  He stood beside her as she continued her pace and then I saw his hand move up from his side to rest on her bottom.  Not on her back..her backside...lower backside.  As Peter continued to sing, I watched their interaction, smiling on several occasions when he cupped his hand and copped a feel.  This was followed by several endearing pats on her rump.  Me thinks someone was feeling frisky.  She did nothing to stop him, just kept on walking.  Me thinks both of them were feeling frisky.

I admit feeling a bit embarrassed because I watched, rather than politely looking away.  But I was so touched by this show of public very genuine and real.  It kinda took my breath away, you know.  The gentleman left, followed a few minutes later by the lady.  I continued on the stair climber, thinking about this couple.  Wondering...are they married, dating, have they been together all their lives?  An hour later I passed the gentleman outside the women's locker room on my way to the pool and I smiled the entire time.  Whether he knows why I was smiling, well, who knows.  But I was touched.

I 've heard it said the heart has no concept of time.  And I've always believed that is true.  This morning, I saw proof.

But then maybe that's because it is love that keeps the heart so young.


labdancer51 said...

I suppose inside every old body is a young heart.... I know inside I`m 28 but that`s not what my mirror tells! :-)

Sandra xxx

deveil said...

great entry, very touching.


gaboatman said...

What a refreshing story!  Thanks for letting us all in this private but "touching" moment.  Sam

gwatcdr said...

Oh I believe that to.  My heart will always be linked to my love but I am just using my head now.  Nicki

grofsand said...

What you have gathered is evidence.....evidence that affection has no boundry...not even time will wilt its strength!     Lovely post!   Marc :)

justaname4me2 said...

What a great entry. One of my all time favorite songs is that one by Peter Gabriel. Reading something like that keeps things in line for those of us who <ok me> struggle with the entire relationship concept. I would have watched too!

rzkdsmom said...

Hey there!

How do I get to the Tag Lounge...I'm dyin' over here! ..can't find it anywhere??
Appreciate any help

lv2paynt said...

We had that song played at our wedding....LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
There's a remake out of it now....forget who sings it....not bad.  You wrote that so well, I could picture the couple in my endearing.  Love is ageless.
Thanks for your comments as well.
Your friend, Diane

karebear4x4 said...

I love this entry...thanks for sharing  i love seeing elderly people being affectionate, or maybe anybody being affectionate in public   reminds me there is still true love out here somewhere for me~kbear

eynl said...

Goes to show your never too old!

debbted said...

Heart-warming story; TY for sharing it!  I so believe in the power and magic of love at any age! Blessings, Sassy:-)