Sunday, June 5, 2005

Another easy Sunday

Trip to Georgia - Day #3

Early Sunday morning I was awakened by the sound of Vic and Mathew leaving the house to take the pig to Vic's parent's home.  They needed to get any early start on cooking the pig if it was to be served by mid-afternoon.  Chris, Beth, James and myself got ready for the day and headed over to the local grocery store for a few extra things.

We arrived at the house around 11 o'clock.  Virginia had everything under control in the kitchen, so Chris and I headed outside to check on the progress of the pig.  I've been told, when roasting a pig most people leave the head and feet attached, but fortunately, Vic does not (that would be a bit much for these eyes, you know).  Vic and my step-Dad, Jim were cooking the pig with a combination of hickory wood and charcoal briquettes.  So far, so good.


It was time for Chris and I to kick back and enjoy ourselves, poolside.  :)  As we settled in, Chris disappeared into the house and returned moments later with two Bloody Mary's.  It's only eleven...but hey, it's five o'clock somewhere!

Okay, if my sister can get me drinking before noon, then I think I owe her, you know.  And I always make good on my debts.  Ever heard of an Ugly?  Maybe that's a dumb question, but it's not that kind of Ugly. An Ugly will cure whatever ales...ails you. :)  Seriously.  And they are delicious!  Easy to make, too.   All you need is your favorite beer, Snappy Tom juice or Spicy Hot V-8, and Jane's Crazy Mixed-Up Salt or Lawry's Season Salt.  Pour about two or three gulps of beer into a glass or cup, tilt the glass/cup and slowly pour about two tablespoons of Snappy Tom/V-8 down the side so it forms a red glob at the bottom of the glass (if you did it right, you know why it's called an Ugly), add two shakes of the salt.  Next, gulp it down. :)   Chris isn't a beer drinker, and neither am I unless it's got tomato juice in it, but I love Ugly's.  And now Chris does too.

So we each slowly finished one can of Ugly beer a piece and Mathew decides to go swimming.  And I have to as well.  I love swimming in pools, especially if a diving board is present.   I grew up in Southern Cal in a swimming pool with a diving board, and in no time at all Chris was calling out for me to do several different dives.  It was almost like the old days of our childhood.  Almost.  There is one dive I didn't do, as I haven't done that dive in years, since August 1977 ;), and I'm way too old to even try it now.  I'd probably break something, like my neck!  So I stuck to the safer dives and showed my young nephew a trick or two.  Although, I do think his underwater somersaults need some work.


Wanna know something funny?  This is the first time I have ever seen photo's of myself diving.  Really!  Before these shots were taken I had never seen my diving form.

After spending an hour in the water with Mathew, I returned to my chaise lounge and the Ugly's.  Chris and I were putting them down pretty fast, Vic's dad thought we were nuts (them crazy Yanks!), and the pig was doing fine on the pit.   Don't know what it is about being around my sister, but when we get together we just get silly.  Case in point below.

Think we have a head for beer?  Notice that I can balance two cans on my head, and Chris can barely keep one in place.  Although I must say, my sister must be really strong, cuz it's looks like she's actually balancing thathuge piece of wood on her index finger.

Vic's dad has a pool table as well (I really like going here, they have pool x 2) and I soon found myself playing a few games with the guys.  Made the mistake of leaving my camera outside and I will never do that again!   It's amazing what some people will take photos of when given the chance!  Especially if it is someone elses camera.  They all got deleted, straight away.

The pig finished cooking by four, and it was wonderful.  Dinner consisted of roast pig (either plain or in a yummy bar-be-que sauce), hash, rice (I like my hash over the rice, yum), macaroni salad, cole slaw, potato salad, rolls and three different cakes.  Lip smacking, finger lickin' good.

After dinner Beth opened her presents...there were so many, and she received some very wonderful gifts and was a very, very happy graduate, beaming with joy.  Her favorite was the laptop, bar none.  By eight we took our full bellies back home, exhausted, but completely satisfied with the memories we made of the day.


~~We must always have old memories and young hopes. -Arsene Houssaye~~


labdancer51 said...

Nice balancing trick! I must say that your diving style is far better than mine these days  lol!  :-)

Sandra xxx

gaboatman said...

We'll make a pig pickin' beer guzzling southern gal out of 'Ya yet!  <wink>  All kidding aside, it sounds like a great time was had by all.  Glad your trip was a good one and that you got home safe and sound.

karebear4x4 said...

i want some   it looks sooo yummy  glad you had a great time!~kbear

boiseladie said...

Oh, it appears you had a wonderful visit with your sister in Georgia!  It's so woodsy there.  I love the south.

deveil said...

great shots.  Looks like ya'll had fun, someone got sunburned,  great form too on the diving.


bleupentacles said...

It's good to know that there are people in this world who take pictures to capture fun moments!!  Enough with the boring poses!  

Speaking of which, the piggy pic has now made me very hungry...'scuse me while I go and stuff my face...