Friday, June 24, 2005

Sisters and Teenage Drivers

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Blue Skies...Gentle Breezes...and Storms
Your Monday Photo Shoot: Sentimental Gifts
Comment from: chrismlt
"Dona, I can't express enough to you how much this means to me!  After all these years, I thought I was the special one!  You've given me so many ornaments over the years which are my treasures.

Love ya!

Your sis, Chris

Aw, Chris, what can I say?  Other than it looks like we got ourselves a little sisterly love fest going on!
Of course you always knew you were the special one...after all, who did I wake up at 4 in the morning all those times I was craving hot cocoa and butterhorns at the Westbank?  Wasn't Jayme...she couldn't keep her mouth shut about it to Mom.  But I knew if I told you not to say anything, you'd keep it to yourself.  ;)    And while we're keeping secrets...don't tell you-know-who about my you-know-what, 'k?
Oh, and, I hate to nag, but....where's my disk?
Love ya, too!
Okay, now that I've had my little stroll down memory lane, I have an announcement to make.

****** A T T E N T I O N ******
All drivers in the central Georgia area.  Be advised of a recently licensed driver now loose on the roads.
Name: Beth aka Helen Wheels
Age: A lady never reveals her age.
Sex: See above
Hair: Yes
Height: Hmmm...taller than me!
Weight: I guess...she's weighted for everything else.

Congratulations Beth!  The summer of 2005 is rapidly becoming a memorable one for you, isn't it?


dcmeyer420 said...

Sorry for not dropping by sooner. Just got in a vacation mode and still in it... Have to read back entries to catch up... Just want to say "HELLO!"

sarajanesmiles said...

Sara   x

gwatcdr said...

Cool.  Nicki

chrismlt said...

We Georgia drivers need to watch out!  

I know I was always the "special" one.  Jayme was a huge tattle tail!  I loved those early morning trips to the Westbank.  Hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls...yum!  Gotcha on the 'you-know-what'!  Your disc is in the mail, you should be getting it soon (I hope!).

Love ya!

Your sis, Chris