Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Graphic courtesy of Photoshop.

Misty blue
Rain sprinkled colors
A-washed in spring
Streaks of life
Reflect the day
Light and dark
Corners of my mind
Await the days of summer.


For some reason last night, this poem wanted to be written and would not leave me alone.  Half an hour after I slipped beneath the bed covers, I found myself sitting at my desk, my hand scrambling to keep up with my head.  With the words put to paper, then and only then, could I return to my bed and fall asleep.


With an invitation to experience
Good people
And a long awaited embrace.


No poem is ever truly finished, until I say it is.

Now this one is finished.


sarajanesmiles said...

Lovely poem, though a little naughty for keeping you awake like that!!
Sara   x

karebear4x4 said...

Some of my best times to write are in the middle of the nite   is this where our creative passion originates?~kbear

gwatcdr said...

Very nice.  I have poems and things too that get stuck in my head until I write them down.  Nicki