Saturday, September 17, 2005


connected                                   Worried                   
   Burn out


They sum it up.  And I'm not alone.  Those words describe how I've felt these past few weeks.  On any given day,
normally I spend a great deal of my time reading and visiting other journals, and writing in mine.  But lately, all I've wanted to do is be a recluse.  Not me.  At all.

Work is a strain, all the time.  More so than usual and I've begun exploring other avenues to solve this.  But recently I realized the underlying cause of this
funk may very well be due in large part to Mother Nature...Hurricane Katrina affected me a great deal more than any other disaster.

So many people, and animals, need our help....still.  Donate.  Find a worthy cause you trust, be it the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, the Humane Society, or any of the many social welfare non-profits.  They still need us (the last clickable link will take you to a FEMA page, which at the bottom provides a long list of links to voluntary and/or charitable organizations directly involved with Hurricane Katrina relief.).

If you can't donate money, then donate food, clothing, housewares, furniture, or even time.

If you can't donate the above, give the gift of life.  Blood.  People need blood, and after a disaster like Katrina, blood is in very short supply.  Don't forget to donate blood, if you can.  You may just save someone's life.


dcmeyer420 said...

Thank you. Yes, everyone's help will be needed by the hurricane victims for a while. It will take a few years for a city like New Orleans to be back on its feet...  

gaboatman said...

This disaster has affected me more than any other also, Dona.  Thank you for providing links to legitimate organizations we can donate to.  

pixiedustnme said...

See, now I like being a recluse - but it does bum me out when I don't get to at least journal surf.  I guess this too shall pass :-)

robinngabster said...

I think Katrina has pulled a funk down on a lot of people...take the time you need and we will always be here when you return. xoxo

chrismlt said...

Katrina has affected us too.  My children, especially 14 year old Mathew, were visibly upset by the pictures they saw on TV and the stories shared by teachers with loved ones in that area hit.  While Mathew was telling me a story he had heard from his teacher, he fought hard to keep his macho image.  Being Mom, I saw thru to his soft core.  I later heard that story on CNN.  It was Beth's idea to take old clothes we were going thru to the donation box at Walmart.  The kids were so motivated to help other kids who lost everything, they did an excellent job cleaning out their closets and drawers.  Beth is a blood donor as well.  I'm very proud of my compassionate children.  Being a "mean Mom" really does make good kids.
I just wanted to share that with you.

Your sis,

chrismlt said...

Oh yeah...

Cheer up!  I'm missing the Dona I know and love (I love ya anyway, you know what I mean).


Your sis,

boiseladie said...

I think you're right...  I've been feeling the very same.  I thought I wasn't getting "alerts" but really, people haven't been writing as much, I think.  I reset my alert for your J because I do not think I was getting them.  Glad you're still around.  And, I donated!!!  Also, cleaning out my closets of years worth of barely used and new clothes I do not need.  A truck load it headed to the Salvation Army this weekend!  ;)