Saturday, December 17, 2005

Answers to Easy -- #30

Going to try to get this quickly completed before more customers show up at the tree farm; already had one show up right at 9.
Last Sunday I asked,

Tell me...

What is the most extreme place you have ever visited?

Linda has stood in two extremes found in the western states.  She recollected about a porch in the California desert and a very ch-ch-ch-chilling train depot in Montana.  Click >here< to share her experience.

Sharon writes about time with her family hiking the trails of Mount St. Helens on a rainy day and then finding themselves in the flurry of a snow ball fight.  Click >here< to visit that time with her.

Christy grew up in the mid-western state of Kansas, where the temperatures travel between drastic extremes as the seasons change.  Heck, I even sneezed after reading about the Kansas winter!  Click >here< to visit her.

Charlie commented in the original entry about the time he visited a mission near Moscow.  He keeps a journal titled Courage and you can visit him >here<.

Gotta go, lots of people are showing up at the tree farm and it looks like Sam needs my help.  Have a relaxing Saturday everyone and thank you all for playing this week!

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justaname4me2 said...

I'm finally out visiting everyone today and I have found how out of the loop I really am!!!

I hope all is well with you, and if I'm not back in time, Happy Holidays to you and your family~