Friday, March 24, 2006

A week of milestones...

This week marks two significant events...


Eight years ago, on March 22 we brought Rumbeau home.  It happened all so innocently really and that Sunday morning neither Sam nor I had any notion that we'd end the day with a puppy in our home. 

After losing our beloved Benson (aka Bennie the Mooch, photo right) we decided he would be the last.   Benson's finalweeks with us were heart wretching; his back legs were paralyzed, making him unable to walk or even stand without assistance.  The decision to end his suffering was difficult and it was made just days after I lost my father to cancer; that week in late November/early December 1997 was literally the week from hell.   In the months that followed, Sam and I both felt the void--Dad and Benson were a huge part of our lives and trips to the cabin without them just seemed empty.  We carried on, knowing that everything must change, but neither of us could deny the overwhelming sadness in our hearts.


While skimming through the Sunday newspaper on a quiet March morning, I saw an ad for black lab pups; I'd seen the same ad a fews days before, but had told myself No, I'm not going through that again.  But, seeing it that morning, well, something just came over me and so I mentioned the ad to Sam.  A phone call followed and soon we were driving down the highway headed for another town thirty some odd miles away to see the pups.

"What if we get there, and the pups are ugly?" Sam asked from his place behind the wheel.

"Then we leave and just enjoy a nice Sunday morning drive," I replied.

The pups were farfrom ugly and we must have spent over forty-five minutes on our knees watching the pups behaviors and personalities, trying to choose between three males.  All three looked the same and we tried but neither could keep track of one or the other.  This one, no...wait...that one....I think.  The pups were running all over the yard with the owner's two children packing them here and there, leaving Sam and I siting on the lawn, confused and undecided.  Rum made the decision for us.  Apparently he'd had enough and decided he wanted to come home with us, so Rum walked right up to Sam, placed his paw on Sam's knee, looked him right in the eyes and the rest, as they say, is history.

(PHOTO: Sam and Rumbeau on the day we brought Rumbeau home.  All puppies are adorable, but there's just something  about the face of  a black lab pup...)

During the next year Rumbeau became very well known at the local vet clinic.  I made at least ten visits to the clinic with Rumbeau in tow and that's not counting puppy check-ups; he just had this knack for doing things that required medical attention.


On every visit he'd swagger into the clinic on his leash, approach the receptionist counter and then stand on his hind legs with his front paws propped on the counter as if to say "I'm here for my appointment."  Dondie, the receptionist would lean back in her chair and holler "Rumbeau's here" so everyone in the clinic would know he had arrived, and soon the reception area would be full of clinic staffer's fawning over Rumbeau's latest escapade.  Personally, I think he just had a puppy crush on his vet, Dr. W, you know.

Life with Rumbeau is never boring.

The other milestone this week happens tomorrow; ten years ago I went to work for my current employer.  That's a first on two levels: I've never stayed with an employer this long--heck, three and a half years was the maximum length I ever stayed anywhere; and, no other employee in the 38 year history of the organization ever made it ten years.  So, it's a double dose of celebration for me this weekend.

Well, that's it, for now.  Tomorrow we are off for a weekend at the cabin.  It's been a long winter...I've got some doors and windows to open.  ;)

Hope yours in a nice and relaxing weekend.


stupidsheetguy said...

Dogs can become an addiction, because any pain we feel from their loss is soon overshadowed, once again, by their unconditional, undying love. And we do it again...

Congrats on the job milestone as well. Being part of a corporate machine for 28 years, I can surely appreciate what you mean when you say that you've made it 10 years, unlike anyone else there. Good luck!

And, I am SO with you on that: open those windows!


shayshaydc said...

Awwwwww that is such a cute story about how you got Rumbeau!!!! He is so cute!!!!!! And spoiled to I bet!! LOL!!!

lsfp1960 said...

What a sweet story...they do have a way of capturing our hearts.  I've been with my present company 24 that sick or what ?  Linda in Washington state

nhd106 said...

What a sweet, sweet story of your doggie.  I'm obviously a huge dog lover and can appreciate it.  I also can appreciate being at one job so long...the one I'm at now, is my longest and I'm going on about 7 years.   So congrats again and again!
nancy  : )

queenb8261 said...

Happy anniversaries!  Rumbeau is gorgeous.  A weekend at the cabin sounds heavenly.  Have a great one.  Barb  

karebear4x4 said...

ok, now i want a Rum!   love his puppy pics!  absolutely adorable!~kbear

brvheart1037 said...

Hey Dona jus letting you kno that I'm back and as soon as I have some time I will update or create a NEw blog....I HAVE LOTS TO SAY!!!!!


sassydee50 said...

Hi there~LTNS. I adore this entry! I can so relate as I just had to put our beloved Teddy Bear (collie x bernese mt. dog) down just this past March 22. Our hearts are aching! Now here's the thing---Ted had the very same problem Benson did. I may e-mail you about it. Now the part about "I'm not going to do this again"...famous last words of dog lovers evrywhere...heehee. We still have 2 dogs and 1 cat--they are a comfort, but as you know, nothing takes the place of that "fur child" you lost. Blessings, Sassy ;-) PS. That is a very appealing photo of you! ;-)