Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From Holland, With Love

I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection.

Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.

~ Michael J. Fox ~

The double daffodils are looking especially feminine this year.  :)

And so are the tulips!  Soon my two favs, Shirley and Ballade, will be up; wonder what kind of show those two will put on...

If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed.
~Kate Halverson

There are two kinds of people in life.
Those who go around bragging about their ability to get something done,
and those who simply go ahead and do it.
Be a doer.
                                            There's not so much competition. 

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karebear4x4 said...

BEAUTIFUL!  beautiful photos beautiful words:-)~kbear

nhd106 said...

Gorgeous!  Never heard of double dafs....quite pretty!

randlprysock said...

Lovely entry.  I like the pictures of the daffodils.  I should get to planting some bulbs out here.  Hugs,

chrismlt said...

Oooh!  Gotta love daffodils!  Mine are gone for this year.  The short time they were blooming (we had a warm spell and they didn't like that much so they died early), they were nice.  Daffodils are the first sign of spring!  My azaleas are blooming though!  All of them!  First time since we've been in this house and that's been 2 1/2 years!  Next?  My glads!  And, they are coming up nicely!  But, they won't bloom for another month or two (or three, I can't remember).

Your sis,


stupidsheetguy said...

I love your choices for quotes today. And I love the pictures...Maybe I need to consider Idaho, LOL. Jersey is very blah this time of year!


queenb8261 said...

Beautiful graphics and wonderful quotes.  

cneinhorn said...

just gorgeous!  am so behind, but the link to my blog is on it's way.  nettie