Saturday, August 5, 2006

On the Road...again!

Willie Nelson :The Essential Willie Nelson :'Mendocino County Line' feat. Lee Ann Womack

So, it looks like we're taking another road trip this month. A couple of our friends want us to take another week off, hook up our trailers and tour some of Washington's wineries! = ) I can't wait. One week from today we will be on the road again.

In the meantime, here's some more photos I took last month during the 4th of July and our vacation.


Casey's Shower
Casey's Shower. Don't know who Casey is or why a natural shower is named after him/her. The water is cold and the rocks are slippery. It's just a crevise in a rock face adjacent to a road and most people drive right by it. And it is so beautiful...this photo almost captures the feel.

Syringa, State Flower of Idaho

Cold Springs pond. Later in the day we watched a cow and calf moose meandering around on the far side. They disappeared before I could focus my camera on them.

Don't know which species this is, so I'll have to find out.

Silent swimmer
I have a lot of photos of Rumbeau swimming because that is what he does when we get anywhere near water. There was a lot of debris floating on the surface when I shot this. And if I were to take this photo at the same place now, you could see salmon swimming below Rumbeau; they return to this river in late summer to spawn.


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redpoppy007 said...

great shots.

randlprysock said...

Gorgeous photos and the winery sounds like so much fun!!  I wonder who discovered Casey's shower.  Now that makes me think it was a peeping Tom!!  LOL.  Hugs,

randlprysock said...

PS  Hope you are able to get in my journal since it went private.  Let me know if it is working or not and I'll add you again if not.  Hugs,

labdancer51 said...

Hi Dona,

What beautiful photos, the shower looks really inviting on a hot day like today!   Rumbeau looks to be enjoying the clear water, what is it with labradors and water?  I can`t keep Jake out of it!   Enjoy your trip to the wineries. :o)

Sandra xxxx