Friday, June 29, 2007

WWO - #2 Gradient Butterfly ;)

Sorry...offer closed.

Da Rulez:

* Place request in comment; one request per comment.

*Name change only. Due to the layout, tag for names with six letters or more may look a bit different than the, hanging letters will be resized smaller to fit, middle name will be set vertically, etc.

*Specify non-animated or animated (preview is non-animated; the animation is a surprise...if you dare)

*Offer will close on Wednesday, July 4 at 8 p.m. Pacific Time (USA).

*Tags will be e-mailed as soon as reasonably possible...three days being a reasonable time.  If I encounter some unforeseeable delay, an entry to this journal will be posted to advise you of the status.  :)

Thank you for looking!!!

To all my American friends out there...keep it safe and sane this holiday!  Ya'll be careful out there!


And, is it just me or does anyone else think the pirate girl in my 'Offer Closed' tag below (see previous journal entry) bears a slight resemblance to Giada DeLaurentis from the Food Network?  I swear it looks just like her, if she wore a bandana that way!!!


astoriasand said...

Hi there I have been introduced to your blog by another j/land member.Your graphic is wonderful.I hope you don't mind me visiting.Please could I have one with KATH on thankyou.Keep up the good work.Have a lovely week/end.Take Care God Bless Kath

my3gifts said...

Can I get "Christy" on it please and animated! :)

nightmaremom said...

whuuuuuu huuu love it!  I told you they'd love you :)  Glad you decided to offer your work up

Be safe on your trip

sunyruby said...

Lovely, please tag one with sunyruby and email to Thank you

happysunshien said...

I would love to have one with Kelly on it and animated please! :)


ktkamanski said...

Love your work - Could I please have one animated (luv surprises) with Katie. Thanks for sharing your work! Have a wonderful weekend!

lipglosslush7 said...

Brittany Please

Can i have the Animated one? heeheh! :)

robinngabster said...

LOL....I was reading the last paragraph that said to be safe over the holiday and I was thinking....what holiday???  Duh.

I love these butteflies!!!  Could I have one with Robin on it?  Thanks a bunch!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I would absolutely LOVE this with Bridgett, please.

Thanks so much!!!!

breakaway1968 said...

Would love one with Carrie on not have aol email but my email addy is  And animated please thanks so much!


scmhaymaker said...

I would love this with Christina on it please.  Thanks so much!

mammaw2004 said...

would love one with  MAMMAW on it

stupidsheetguy said...

Very nice work!

By the way, I agree that that previous tag looks like Giada :)