Sunday, November 4, 2007


Tag offer #18 - Framed -- Sorry...offer closed.

Sometimes I get to making so many tags I forget what I made until I see the tag sometime later; like today's tag. I created this last month for a challenge in a PSP group I belong to and totally forgot about it until just now. I had planned to offer a different tag in this entry, but when I saw this one again and I immediately decided to go that way today. This tag features artist Matt Hughes work, who adds a real Victorian theme to everything he does.

Same rules as usual:

  • Name change only.
  • Offer expires Wednesday, November 7 @ 9 p.m.
  • We had quite a few trick or treaters at our home. The grandkids came by, Dilynn was a lion, and Jordynn came as a cute!!! I go a little crazy with the candy buying and we always have a little left over. We ran out one year (that's no good!!), so ever since then I make sure it doesn't happen again!

    Sam's off at hunting camp this week and I'm getting caught up on my movie watching, last night I watched 'Dreamer' with Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning and loved it!!! This morning I enjoyed 'Music and Lyrics' with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, which I've been wanting to see since it's release at the theatres. Loved it too! It was funny, deep, and does a bit of a parody on popular 80s bands.

    At work, my office is back downstairs again. It was nice having my own office upstairs, but being separated from my co-workers just didn't work in the long run and created many problems. On the other hand, I made a wonderful friend in Jaynie, the Port's office manager and we became kindred spirits this past three years. It's good to be back downstairs with the crew, but I admit at times I miss the easy conversations Jaynie and I always shared. It's good to know she's just a few steps away.

    Gotta go now, time to update my sidebar.



    The future is made up of the same stuff as the present.

    ~Simone Weil


    nightmaremom said...


    bridgetteleigh75 said...

    May I have this with Janya, please?

    Thanks so much!


    my3gifts said...

    OH I like this one! Can I have it with tagged please with

    Glad Halloween went good! I bet the grandkids were adorable! Glad work's going well.

    God Bless

    st0rmwhispers said...

    Why is everyone so prolific in my absences?!?  Well I hope you don't midn but I am going to comment on two posts at once...for this one, I love the tag...beautiful as always.  I also know how difficult it is to work away from some of the people you need to speak with regularly....We are all spread out at the hotel and I do 3 different jobs so it is kind of confusing and frustrating at times to stop what I am doing to go discuss an issue with a coworker...If only they would just come to me when I need them LOL!  Kind of hard to fix my prob though... too many diff departments.  

    I also wanted to thank you for your post on copyright infringment.  Its pretty easy to find out if something is public domain or it pictures or words (which is where it mostly affects me).  We should all do our best not to take something from someone else unfairly.

    thegirlnexdoor77 said...

    This is beautiful!!!