Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Over my shoulder

Hello my friends,

I know...it's been a very long time since my last entry...over a month.  Eeee gads, how did that happen? Well, there is a complicated reason, which I'll get to later, in another entry, and there is an easy reason. I'll tackle the easy one now.

One word. Horses. I feel like a little girl again and I've renewed my love...ummm, okay, obsession...with horses. I haven't felt this giddy in years, and it feels so very good. I feel alive again! This obsession of mine must not be too excessive, because Sam isn't sick of seeing and hearing horses...yet.  :) Oddly enough he's even getting into it. A few weeks ago he came home and immediately told me about a two horse trailer he'd seen for sale. This is fantastic, and so not like it was when I was a horse crazy child; I drove my family, especially my older sister Lyn, absolutely crazy. Seriously, I did. And I don't think they ever got over it, tee hee. I know I didn't...but the dream of owning a horse just wasn't practical and so I tucked that dream away...deep into the recesses of my soul and left it in a restful slumber until such time in the future when circumstances were more favorable.

Finally, that time is here.

And since I've decided to awaken my long slumbering childhood dream, I've realized I am starting from square one and there is much work to do. The horse, of course (which I've found, btw), a trailer to tow the horse (for trail rides at the cabin, and maybe more), saddles, bridles, hay (currently $150/ton thanks to the hay shortage...ouch), a place to store all the hay, hoof care, stabling...oye! At least we already have a heavy duty pick-up to pull the horse trailer. I'm sooooo excited!!!!! At night I find myself dreaming of hoof falls and four beat gaits, swishing tails and kind eyes. So, that's where I disappeared to this past month..I've been researching everything horse related.

The horse I found is a 16 year dark bay Morgan mare and she is gorgeous. I have a photo of her with her current owner but the sale won't happen until later this spring for two reasons. First, my left should is messed up and I must get it fixed before I do anymore riding, and second the mare hasn't been rode much lately and the owner/trainer wants to spend time working with her before handing her over to me.  I've been undergoing physical therapy for my left shoulder since before Thanksgiving; it's really causing me immense distress. It started as a little annoying pain in early August and escalated into an inflamed rotator cuff. There's talk of either surgery which I'd rather avoid, or manipulating the shoulder under a local anethesia in order to tear through the scar tissue that is restricting my range of motion. Progress with physical therapy has plateaued and the pain is getting worse each week...sometimes it takes forever to get dressed in the morning. I'll know more in the next few weeks what will happen after I see my doctor next week and then get my first consult with the ortho surgeon.  And so, I wait...

In the mean time, I HAVE to share this video I found. What you are about to see is a young woman named Stacy Westfall doing bridleless reining. She is fantastic, amazing and such an inspiration to me. The flying lead changes are smooth, flawless, and send the crowd into a awestruck frenzy. WOW!




randlprysock said...

I am so glad you are getting some time to pursue your dream.  I know what you mean... since I was a girl I have always wanted my own horse.  Someday.... someday....  So glad to see a post from you and hope you are great!!  You sound so happy and I am glad!!!

gaboatman said...

I think it is fantastic that you have renewed your passion for horses.  What is even better is that this time around you will get to have one of your own.  Enjoy every minute of it.  The video was great to watch, such precision with no reins!  I agree with the previous comment; you sound happy and that is just great.

nightmaremom said...

awww you sound happy... and I am so glad you are able to get the horse... sending good vibes for the shoulder.

bhbner2him said...

I'm very happy for you!!!  And I pray all goes well with the shoulder, so as not to slow down your plans.  -  Barbara

stupidsheetguy said...

I have to say, you sound like an excited kid with Christmas coming, and that's a pretty good thing in my book. So much to look forward to! I'll bet the therapy will be just a little easier to take with the incentive you have now to git ridin'!

Good luck with everything. I really hope it goes smoothly. Great to see you again, of course

karebear4x4 said...

Beautiful video!!!   i'm esctatic for you   words cannot express the feelings when dreams come true   i love horses too but i'm sure your joy is far more than i could imagine  congrats my friend   great to hear from you...take care of that shoulder  your shoulder pain sounds worse than mine-ugh!   catch you laterz  hugz~kbear

st0rmwhispers said...

Horses scare me but I am happy for you!

That video was beautiful!

I hope you heal quickly....

Blessings to you.

labdancer51 said...

The video was beyond amazing Dona, I`ve never seen anyhting like it!  Congratulations of getting your own horse, I can`t wait to see the photos that I know you`ll post. I hope you get your shoulder better soon, mine has been giving me trouble for some time but I hope I don`t have to see a doctor with it.

Love Sandra xxxx

thisismary said...

I am so happy for you!  About going after a childhood dream, I mean.

Middle years are when we finally have the time, maybe the money to do some of those things, but we talk ourselves out of doing it because (insert a list of a thousand reasons here).  Applause, Applause for going after your dream girl!  You deserve it!