Friday, May 16, 2008

Change...there are changes afoot

Yesterday was a weird day. Surreal, but not different. It could have been, perhaps should have been, but through it all it was just like any other day. The one exception is that yesterday was my final day at the job I've held for the past twelve years.

May has been a month of changes.

It was bitter sweet and a difficult decision to make, one that Sam's been urging me to make for at least ten years. And it was time.

So today begins a new day, and another new chapter of my life. I am currently not employed, but that will end Monday morning when I stroll into the office of my new job. It's a major change for me, from fiscal officer to administrative assistant, but I was ready to step back from the over whelming demands and pressure cooker I've worked in since 1996. I'm so excited about this new opportunity that presented itself to me last month, now I'll be the right hand of the operations manager for a company that helps people put their lives back together. Great changes. Oh is good.

And then there's tomorrow. My search for a horse has brought me to a happy trail, he he. At this time tomorrow I'll be on the road to the Yakima area, with horse trailer in tow, to bring home the new brown eyed boy in my life. His name is Diamond B Duke and he's a 13 year old bay Morgan gelding with a soft eye and a huge heart. I've been in constant contact with his owner, whom I was put in touch with last month after looking at a beautiful 10 year old black Morgan mare (whom I didn't take, see layout below). On the drive to the mountainsabove the community of Kamiah a friend told me about Duke, just in case the Morgan mare we were about to look at didn't work out for me. Well, she didn't and once home I got a query off to Duke's owner, introduced myself and one month later I'm one day closer to making my life long dream a reality. I may seem calm in my writing, but believe me I'm jumping for joy all over the place. Duke's owner, like many horse owners, screened me very carefully and throughout the process I could see he loves his horses and wants them to only go to a loving home. He closed one of his last messages to me by saying, "This makes my heart glad that he is going with you. It sounds like a perfect match."

Pictures, and Duke's layout, will follow, after I bring him home. :) I'm sooooooooooooo happppppyyyyyy. Last month, Sam purchased a beautiful horse trailer for my birthday present...the one I really wanted. He's such a great guy, and a wonderful person. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. :)

It's a 2006 Trails West 2 horse slant load with sealed tack room. Hard to believe it was used, the previous owner only used it three times before she realized she couldn't afford it.

Horse compartment.

And, if you love horses, you'll love watching this. Click on the link below.

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karebear4x4 said...

Congrats on the new horse, and the new job!   looking forward to more pics of Duke   nice to hear from you and that all is well   also, happy belated birthday!~kbear

robinngabster said...

Good luck with your new "work" adventure!  I know you will do great!  Can't wait to see more of you and Diamond B Duke!

bhbner2him said...

All the best to you in all of your adventures!!  -  Barbara