Monday, January 18, 2010

A eulogy for credibility

If change is good, where does that leave consistancy?

I'd rather watch Jay than Conan. I want to be entertained, not bored. I want to laugh, not yawn. To watch a show in it's entirety, not grab the remote the second the show begins.

I've got nothing against change...BUT, I don't like what I'm seeing in my country and for the first time in my life I'm wondering what the future holds for this nation and its people. It all starts somewhere...

We have comedians who aren't funny. Reality shows driven by scripts. And Hollywood seems to think the movie-going public needs doom and gloom, end of the world films to take their mind off daily headlines. Politicians have lost touch with the people.  And then there's Oral Roberts (I stand corrected, that should read Pat Robertson, thank you Dan); does he ever engage his brain before he puts his mouth in gear? His comment last week about the Haitian people exemplified ignorance; was it really necessary? If he is the face of Christianity, no wonder people are turned off by religion.

Has credibility passed away? Is accountability a lost characteristic of humanity? Where are we going?

Twenty some odd years ago, after seeing movies like Running Man, or Robo Cop, I told myself the world I live in would not turn into that. It's not what I's not acceptable.

I have a dream...


Dan said...

That was actually Pat Robertson that made the comment about Haiti, not Oral Roberts- who passed away last month at 91.

Christy said...

I'm not offended, but have to say how many times are we ourselves guilty of saying things that 1. we regret later. 2. is something we believe even when the MAJORITY does not? 3. when we judge him, are we not just as guilty as him?
It's something I've personally been wrestling with. I think he's a man, who has the best of intentions, but is still a man, stil a sinner, who I do believe LOVES GOD, even if we don't agree with all his views, statements, etc....I guess for me I'm trying to show him GRACE, whether I agree or not, I'm trying sooo hard not to judge him, try to "love him" as Christ loves him, and remember that because we're all American's we have the right to freedom of speech, whether we agree or not...and that's a true blessed we can NEVER take for granted.

Just things that have been going through my mind, as I continue to pray for Haiti as a country, Haitians as citizens, and all the others who were and are there, and for those who are there helping to pick up the pieces in any and all ways possible.