Sunday, January 10, 2010

Highlights and Pickings

2009...a year of discoveries and affirmations

One year ago the following was unknown to me. Here is a glimpse of the little things that I discovered along the way.

Best Wedding Entrance EVAH!!

I love this!!! It puts a smile on my face everytime I see it. The expression of delight, joy, and happiness is so evident on everyone's face...every generation present is swept by the moment! They all got it! What better way to create a new beginning! Now that's originality.

iFinds on iTunes

Every now and then I find an unknown treasure on iTunes. In late summer, while wandering around iTunes, I noticed their 'Free Download of the Day' and it piqued my interest. So I listened. From the first chords I knew I loved this song. It's sad and beautiful. And a treasure...well written from the heart. Love it!

Another freebie I found. I love this song!!! I also have Love Me Too Much from the same album, Love This Mess, but Big Sky is my fav.

Our Family Grew by Four Feet

Meet Oliver aka Louie. He joined our family the day before Halloween. A co-worker's husband found him on a golf course when he heard a strange sound coming from a bush. He investigated to find this three week old kitten staring up at him, alone, crying and shivering. He must have been crying for some time because the first few days after I brought him home his meow was weak and inaudible. Nothing a little TLC couldn't take of. It took awhile to name him...Oliver seemed to fit at first since he was an orphan, but Sam noticed something and started calling him Louie..."because he's evil"...and well, he does have a very high play drive. Now he's fully recovered and running the house.


kbear said...

Love the videos especially the wedding. congrats on your new 4legged kid...hugz

Stephen Baird said...

wow! that first video is fantastic! great sense of joy!
nikonsniper steve