Monday, January 31, 2011

30 day PNH blog challenge - Day 2

Day 2-What is your favorite savvy and why?

Liberty. No rope, no reins, no saddle. Just me and Duke...totally free. Liberty is one of the most challenging savvy's but it's also so much fun.

Liberty takes me back to the carefree days of my childhood when I lived in Southern California. I can remember Saturday mornings waking up early before anyone else in the house and eagerly hopping on my bike for a 9 mile ride from North Hills (fka Sepulveda) to Canoga Park. Waiting for me there was Pee Wee, a bay gelding (didn't know what breed, didn't care) whose owner had recently become a mama and was unable to devote time to him. I spent hours just hanging out and playing with Pee Wee; something I now know as undemanding time. I was in heaven, just being in his pasture with him. sometimes I'd stand on his water trough and he'd walk over so I could get on his back. He'd walk around, graze, stand...didn't matter because I loved this time with him. Now it's called bridleless riding, but back then it was just being there. On the ground, if he ignored me I made it a game to get his attention. I would spend hours with him, totally losing track of time and upsetting my mom more than once.

Sometimes when I look at Duke, I catch a brief glimpse of Pee Wee...and for just a moment I'm back in that pasture, playing...carefree once again.

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kbear said...

O to be carefree again..I do find that sometimes while hiking and/or photographing. I'm sure you're having it with Duke. May your Spirit never be tamed! stay carefree!