Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Official!!!! I am now a genuine cowgirl!!!!

First time team penning with Duke last night! We had a blast and Duke LOVES playing with the cows; he knows what his job is but he does try to take over. Here we are teamed up with a father/daughter team (Rudy and Rudi :D) and we penned all three cows on our second run!!! Woo hoo!!! Duke and I enter the arena behind Rudy and Rudi (Duke is the bay with his tail braided). Video captured by a friends helmet cam (I really need to get one of those!). Duke was a wee bit exuberant last night; on our last run he showed off his impression of a Lipizzan stallion performing 'airs above the ground.' That got a few whoops and hollers from the crowd. :)

Things are slow at the tree farm this year, sales down by half of what they were the last six years; as of today we've sold 38 trees, in previous years it's been 80-90 trees. But we still have our regular customers who return faithfully every year. I keep hearing people say they just aren't in the spirit. If you haven't got into the holiday spirit yet, well here's a little something that may help. :)  Watch how silence fades in....