Saturday, December 11, 2004

I Will Be

I will hold you
Let me ease your weary mind
I shall be a temple
Where you can release
Your sacred thoughts
Without saying a word
I will hold you
I will comfort you
I will soothe you

I will ease you
Put your mind to rest
Once and for all
I will be for you
As I have always been
As I will always be
I will be for you

DLC 12/11/04


brvheart1037 said...

Great job, I liked it very much.

robinngabster said...

Lovely.....and I love the pics in your journal! Great selections!

delela1 said...

Thank you, both.  I posted this poem to the AOL poetry board, and everyone there loved it too.  It seems to be everyone's favorite.  :)