Saturday, April 16, 2005

Grains of Sand

My friend Marc has a wonderful perspective on life.  He sees every day things, and puts those things into words that I understand.  He has a gift.  At times I find myself wishing I could write as he does, to possess that ability to put things concisely into clarity.  I wish...and then I realize in that wishing I am ignoring my own talent, my own gift.  What I do, and the way I do it, is as it should be.  Because it is me.

Marc's made several entries this month that are significant, and uplifting.

The Escort begins like a children's story, but speaks the language of adults.

The Puzzle sorts through the many pieces of our lives, to reveal a simple reminder.

The Puzzle (Part II) brings it all together.

Take just a moment.  Pick just one.  I think you'll see what I mean.


~~It's the little things that matter most.  What good is a bathtub without a plug?~~


labdancer51 said...

Oh Dona, I see what you mean. I just read `The Escort` and how well it was told.  I wish that I had half the ability to say what I see and feel. He certainly does have a gift.  But I also see that we all have different gifts that make us all the individuals that we are. :-)    Sandra xxx

robinngabster said...

I love Marc! He is one of the sweetest men I know and he always makes me smile with the special things he says to me!!!!   He is truly one of the treaures online!

sarajanesmiles said...

I read them all :o)
Sara   x

karebear4x4 said...

Thanks Dona!  I've read one entry of his, The Escort, and will read the others laterz.   I have no doubt the other 2 entries of Marc's are just as enlightening as this one.  Truly, the simple things in life are invaluable as the Soul.  ~kbear