Monday, April 18, 2005

Grrrrrrr X 2!

Yesterday, Kelly was experiencing technical difficulties with her internet service provider.  She was *slightly* frustrated.

All around J-Land this past week, difficulties of the technical kind abound. 

No one seemed to be immune, myself included.  My problem, however, wasn't AOL or internet related.  No.  It had to do with my scanner.  It wouldn't work.  At all.  Nothing. 


I tried restarting my computer.  Unplugging and replugging the USB cord...the power cord.  Nothing.

I tried uninstalling the software, and when the "there was an error so the program won't be uninstalled" message came up during the uninstall, I knew I was in trouble. 


WHAT?!?!  But -- WHATEVER!!!!!

I tried everything.  I even convinced myself I didn't need a scanner.  Yeah, right! 

So, I dragged myself to the local store and purchased a new scanner.  A very cool one.  It's an HP Scanjet 4070 Photosmart.

The 'retired' scanner is an Epson Perfection 1650 and is barely two years old.  Now, I've always purchased HP products.  I have an ink jet printer at home that is over seven years old and still going strong.  At work I have a laser jet that I can always depend on.  But, a couple of years ago when I decided to get a scanner, I'd heard very positive things about the Epson product line, so I ventured onto their path.  Never again.  Ever.  I'm sticking with HP.

Strange thing is, once I installed the HP scanner software, my WindowsXP operating system software is actually operating the way it should.  I noticed some time ago that Windows stopped doing certain things (won't bore you with the details, just trust me on this).  But now, it's been miraculously restored to the 'pre-Epson' way.

I find this very strange.


robinngabster said...

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

robinngabster said...

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

mkolasa101 said...

Love all the graphics on your site.  So glad that you have everything back and running like it should be.  I was with you all the way, reading what was happening in your life and enjoying the graphics, and at last a happy ending.  Very, very cute.  Thanks for sharing.


stupidsheetguy said...

When you sit back and think about how much time we spend trying to fix the things that are supposed to speed up our lives, boy, it's scary. GO HP!


sarajanesmiles said...

Lol at all the graphics, reinforced how cross you were!!  
Glad you got things sorted, and that it's better than before now :o)
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Computers are the worlds best thing....when they work....But when they don`t....... AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!  In 3yrs we`ve had 2 printers, our scanner decided not to work but we eventually got it going again and twice the darn thing has crashed and I hadn`t saved a thing.  Now everything is backed-up and I`m ready for anything!  I love your very expressive graphics...:-)  Sandra xxx

lv2paynt said...

Hey, that's a great picture of you!  Diane

brandilynneliz said...

Grrrr let me be mad with you... WHAT IS UP WITH COMPUTERS!?!?!? My own WINDOWS wont turn on... so I am on my moms PC... unlucky unclucky


thisismary said...

I am sold on HP too!