Saturday, July 2, 2005

Book Worm...Hole

I have too many books!  At least right now I feel like I do.  I never have enough shelf space for them, I've donated I don't know how many to the local library, and yet I can't ever find the right place to keep all of them.  And now I'm torn.  Should I keep this one, and not that one?  Easy decision, you'd think.  Keep the ones I love.  But I love books, period.  Sure I know there are books I will never part with; signed first editions, my Kahil Gibran collection, anything by Diana Gabaldon and Kim Barnes, those are my keepers.  And I've even got paperbacks I've had for years, such as Jennie: the life of Lady Randolph Churchill and Jennie Volume II by Ralph G. Martin, which I've had in my possession since 1971 (they both look it too).  Most people throw paperbacks away after a time, as they don't have a long shelf life.  But all too often I've tossed a worn out, falling apart, losing pages paperback in the trash, only to find it is out of print and replacing it is out of the question.  That's frustrating...

What's a girl to do?



Oh, and for those of you wondering, the Wicked Tinkers are not a Heavy Metal band.  On the contrary, they are a Scottish Bagpipe and Drum band complete with kilts.  ;)  Click here for a sample.


gwatcdr said...

I love to read to.  I haven't sone that much of it since I started school.  But pleasure reading is the best.  At one time I had to many too.  Just give them away or I know people who sell them on ebay.  Nicki

st0rmwhispers said...

How about donating to a hospital instead of a library?  The few times I was hospitalized I would have killed someone for a book!  All they seem to have is magazines!