Friday, July 15, 2005

I Get By...

...with a little help from my friends.

I don't have too many temper tantrums, or hissy fits, when things go wrong.  But I may have to change my ways.  I think I'm just too laid back...I have to be, because when I have a temper tantrum it gets!  Trust me on this...I'm Scotch-Irish, my mother was a red head, and I'm a Taurus to boot.  When this bull sees
...'nuff said.

Apparently hissy public...can lead to something positive.  Hmmm.  Thank you Rebecca for the trick.  I'm following your tip as I write.  <smile>  Oh, and there are a lot more fonts to select from this way.  I like!  <BIG smile>

You will all be happy to know I did settle down last night.  Yes, I got over the urge to pick up my laptop and throw it outside, on the hot asphalt, into a gazillion pieces.  It's amazing how a couple of glasses of great wine can alter one's perspective on things.  As Jimmy knows, I had a major attitude adjustment last night and an hour after the 'incident' was back to my normal self.  Thank you Jimmy for the post. 

Now I'm feeling pretty smug because I let it out, and learned a new trick.  Whether I will rewrite that particular entry remains to be seen.  It was a confession, and I'm wondering if maybe I should just keep that one to myself.

For awhile, anyway.


sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh, wanting to know what you were confessing!!!
Glad you learned something new, and that you didn't let it spoil your whole evening :o)
Sara   x

emfeasel said...

I am the same tantrums are few and far between, however when I have one look out!..about the lost entry...sometimes when I do that, or I hit a wrong button, etc, and I miss putting out there what it was I was putting out there by whatever venue..I calm myself (after the fit) and think maybe it's best it didn't go out "there"..for now anyway..Just like you said...  :)  E

stupidsheetguy said...

I had my walls lined with thick padding for those times when Computers get wings. Well, someone had them lined, I just live here  :-D

LOL, you have my sympathies. Hope my tip helped. If not, go ahead and clunk me with the next PC toss.


pixiedustnme said...

confessions are good for the soul - and even better for those of us who hang on your words :-)

grofsand said...

Aw Dona....... and you know how important it is for the person to unite his daily conduct with his own personal philosophies, and not be swayed to upon our emotional fringes (anger, frustration, anxiety)....
 I hope you have fully regained your looking inside at the person you really are!     Peace~~~~~~~~Marc :)

delela1 said...

Sara - nothing huge, just a little story from college...upheaval, coups, stuff like that.  just my usual doings.  ;)  may put it in on a later date.

E - i know, my first thought was, okay, maybe this is not the time for that particular story.  but then i started thinking about it, how long it took to write, etc., and i got mad!

Jimmy - oh you were there at just the right time!  yes, the tip saved me...and my computer.  but there will be no clunking of you, at least not by moi!

Kelly - Interesting you chose the words, "Confessions are good for the soul," because that is the same exact line I opened the entry with.  Amazing.  But, hang on my words?  Really?  Oh bouy!

Marc - <sigh> what can I say?  this one does strive to unite her conduct with her personal philosophies, but alas, i have my moments.  sometimes, I need to blow off steam to lessen the pressure.  see above comment to E.

st0rmwhispers said...

Nothing like a little "attitude adjustment"....LOL