Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Shortcuts Really Cut Me Up

It never fails.

There are few things I can count on these days, but one thing I know will hold true over the ragged test of time is the fact that I can't take short cuts.  They just don't work for me.  Because a shortcut equates to more work. 

Case in point, last nights "Easy" entry in which I posted two of my fall photographs.  Because both photos were already uploaded on my Webshots photo album, I thought I'd just take advantage of that fact and link to them there.  Take the shortcut.  And I have a lot of graphics already stored in my ftp files here at AOL, so I didn't want to push the maximum size limit.  After I finished my entry, I checked and of course both photos handsomely appeared on my journal page.


This time I got to hit the
button.  Yea!

Not so fast missy, let's not be doing our victory dance just yet.

Come to find out, not everyone can see the photos and some only see that handsome X we all know and love so much.  So, this morning I uploaded the photos to AOL and linked them to my journal.

My little shortcut aka timesavor, as always, faithfully added one more task to my day.  And the sad truth is I know this to be true and yet I always have to try 'just one more time' because I am convinced this time will be different.  Wonder what kind of trouble I can stir up at the office today.  Lord knows I'm off to a great start!

Happy Hump Day!


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