Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday Five - Week #1

Robin (These Are The Days of Our Lives) started a weekly question and answer entry in her journal.  The  Official Friday Five begins now!

* Ooops! That title is about...Five Fun Questions for the week? Fun Five? FREAKIN A' Five? Fiddlesticks I thought I had an original idea Five? Help me name it.

Needing a's about Five For Friday.  Although I do like your Freakin' A' Five.  You should use that one.

1.  What is the one thing on your Thanksgiving table that you will NOT eat?

Brussel sprouts.  Too bitter.  No amount of cheese or white sauce will ever improve their taste.

2.  Did you ever play in a pile of leaves as a kid? If so do you have a picture of you or someone you know playing in the fall leaves? Post it if you do!

Yes, I did.  But no, I don't have a picture of either.

3. When you think of Fall what are the three things that come to mind?

Harvest moon, golden leaves, hot cocoa with peppermint Schnapps.

 4. When was the last time you had pumpkin pie? Was it last year or have you already had some this year?

Does pumpkin bourbon cheesecake count?  If so, two days ago when I made one for work.  Yummers!!!!!  If no, then last Thanksgiving. 

5. Tell us something really nice about the last person you read an email from.

The last email I read was from Jimmy (StupidSheetGuy).  On the surface Jimmy may seem like a bit of a grouch.  I believe he is truly a warm and caring individual who, like so many of us, gets fed up with self-centered people who do not practice common courtesy, are clue less about civility, and wouldn't give a care if someone asked them to.  Jimmy's more vocal about it than others are, because he cares about humanity.  He's the genuine article, through and through, and best of all he has the greatest sense of humor.  He pokes fun at the lemmings and he ALWAYS makes me laugh.  ALWAYS.


If you want to participate too, click >here<.  


boiseladie said...

Great idea!  I'll have to come back and let you know if I can help with the name.  I do like Freakin' A' Friday.

stormypassionzz said...

Hey!  I'm a bit late responding to this, I'm a lurker with no journal  :( expressed...

1.  What is the one thing on your Thanksgiving table that you will NOT eat?

Brussel sprouts.  Too bitter.  No amount of cheese or white sauce will ever improve their taste.

Hope I can help with this problem!  hehe  I wanted to bring more potassium to my body and I read how brussel sprouts were and excellant source and it involved bringing another vegetable to my table I was unsure of.  Tho I'm not big on adding sugar to ANY part of my diet  (I don't even eat sweets or chocolates!)...I add about a tablespoon of sugar to them as they are cooking and they seem to take the bitter taste away!  Yay!  Just an idea.  :)   (I've also read if you put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of baking soda in them this will help)