Monday, November 14, 2005

Mail order wisdom

Who knew wisdom could be found inside a catalog.  Picked up my slog of catalogs in my post office box today...and found two unexpected tidbits of wisdom in the new Wind & Weather catalog.  I was delighted.

ABCs of Life

Accept differences.  Be kind.  Count your blessings.  Dream.  Express thanks.  Forgive.  Give freely.  Harm no one.  Imagine more.  Jettison anger.  Keep confidences.  Love truly.  Master something.  Nurture hope.  Open your mind.  Pack lightly.  Quell rumours.  Reciprocate.  Seek wisdom.  Touch hearts.  Understand.  Value truth.  Win graciously.  Xeriscape.  Yearn for peace.  Zealously support a worthy cause.

And just for all us Baby Boomers...

ABCs of Aging

Avoid collagen.  Bloom late.  Celebrate.  Dance at weddingsEat more chocolate.  Fall in love again.   Go grey.  Hold hands.  Inspire.  Jettison grudges.  Kiss like you mean it.  Laugh.  Mend fences.  Nurture friendships.  Open doors.  Perspire with aplomb.  Quit whining.  Rekindle romance.  Spoil babies.  Teach someone to read.  Upset convention.  Volunteer.  Wear red.  eXpect joy.  Yield gracefully.  Zing.

Words of wisdom.

Okay, I'm getting started on this right away...and starting with 'Eat more chocolate.'  I hear some Ghiradelli's sitting on the fridge calling my name....

But...perspire with aplomb?

And speaking of baby boomer's...Sharon posted this yesterday and it's much too good to pass up.  click >here< and prepare yourself. 


shayshaydc said...

Love your entry!! Especially the fact about chocolate!!! lol...thanks for posting a link to my journal!

butterflies4me04 said...

This is awesome ... thanks for sharing!


karebear4x4 said...

Great words of wisdom!   copied them in my other journal for constant reminders...and i look forward to 50:-)!~kbear