Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Mixed Blessings

The local news just reported the mother of the five children killed in a crash yesterday is reaching out to the driver of the other vehicle.  Family and friends say the mother is drawing upon the strength of her faith, and the support of the community.  There is, it seems, a light of hope for the future.  She is expecting her sixth child in six weeks.  Also, investigators initally reported none of the children were belted in; they now say some of the children were belted in.

And, this is not the first time tragedy has struck this family.  Seven years ago the family was camping and a mountain lion entered the campsite.  The oldest daughter was attacked by the lion, who clamped its jaws around her head, tearing apart pieces of her skull. The mother heard her daughter screaming and was able to frighten the lion away.  The lion was later destroyed by a game warden.

Even in the midst of trauma, the human spirit lives on...inspiring, reaching, and touching.  I pray for all the people touched by this tragedy; the mother, the father, the other driver, and their families.  May peace be their anchor in this horrific storm.


In another local story, common sense seems to be prevailing in the case against Joseph Duncan, the man accused of kidnapping young Shasta Groene and murdering her family, among other things.  Defense attorneys have dropped demands for copies of videotapes Duncan made after kidnapping Shasta and her brother.  The images on these tapes have been described by prosecutors as graphic and disturbing, leaving them concerned that, if released, copies of the tape could become public.  Both legal teams struck a deal to prevent copying the tapes.  The deal allows the defense to see the images at any time, and the prosecution agreed not to use the material at trial or sentencing if the case gets that far.  Finally, proof that attorneys have not lost sight of all their moral values.

There is always hope.  Maybe this case will set a prescendent for current and future cases to protect the innocence of victims.  Sometimes the public doesn't need to see everything.  As some things are better left unsaid, some images are better left unseen.




karebear4x4 said...

I agree!   somethings are better left alone!~kbear

stupidsheetguy said...

This was a tale that had two happy endings. That woman is incredible, and her faith and humanity serve her well.

As regards the videotape, it's nice to see humanity prevail. Sparing that child any further trauma is the best thing that they could do for her. Thank God intelligence prevailed.


tizzycate said...

I have relied on my FAITH for many years, since I am 13 to be exact!  But when I hear or read stuff like this... My brain, heart, soul, spirit, all the is me... do NOT know what to do with it..or how to comprehend it or handle it!  It saddens me! God bless all in the situation!

tizzycate said...

(correction-typo)....*** all that is IN me does NOT know what to do with it!

helloimkara said...

It is so sad to hear stories like these.  Somehow people pull through and continue on.  Makes you gratefull for each day and God's protection and blessing.


butterflies4me04 said...

2 very sad happenings! :( It's very sad to see things like this happen!


blondepennierae said...

I have been lazily walking through J-land reading a bit here, looking at beautiful photos there, and somehow I landed here in your journal.  Thank goodness we have that little X in the upper right hand corner or I wouldn't know how to get back where I started.  You have a warm, welcoming blog.  I have really enjoyed my visit here, getting acquainted with you.  Pennie

brandilynneliz said...

How sad, she must be a very strong woman. Life throws some really hard balls our way at times.


boiseladie said...

What a horrible accident!  I didn't here about it until now, reading your J.  My heart goes out to the survivors, and bless those children.