Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Next stop...the Twilight Zone

First, this entry is coming by way of Internet Explorer.  Just like last nights entry did.  I logged on to AOL this morning, typed my new entry and just like last night, I got an error message every time I click on 'Save.'  This is not the way to run a fee-based service. 

Did the earth suddenly shift on its axis?  During the staff meeting Monday I asked that question, in jest.  Now I'm beginning to wonder...

I know the banner ads are there, yet it seems some people do not see them.  I noticed comments to that effect posted to John Scalzi's blog yesterday.  Alas, here above the Blue Skies I do see an ad.  No point in mentioning whose ad and perpetuating their name.

Woke up this morning to a rather interesting horoscope. 

Horoscope for: Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You are not as adversely affected by the weird energies floating around today. Everyone else may have a difficult time making sense of what's happening, but you just keep moving your projects along toward completion. Even if you are determined to stay on track, be open to unexpected changes for the sake of growth.

Okay, don't know about the affected part but I'm always receptive to the possibility of growth.  Change is constant.  This could fit either work, or personal as there are many changes a foot everywhere.  And as I sit here typing this I'm wondering if this entry will post when I click the 'Save' button.  Last night's entry came by way of Internet Explorer; I had to exit AOL and launch IE in order to post an entry to my AOL journal.  What a pain. 

On the positive side, I do like the new Spell Check feature.  That was a move in the right direction.  But it does not make up for the fact that I have to post journal entries by way of IE.

For several months I have considered starting another journal elsewhere because AOL isn't the only game in town.  I like it here and have invested a great deal of time into this journal, and maybe someday my granddaughter will read the words I wrote around the time of her birth.  And maybe she won't.  I love writing, I need to write and if my words make someone's day a little better, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do.  They say haste makes waste and so it is true.  For now the only change I plan to make is the removal of the side bar counter.  I never was into popularity contests anyway.

What I am into is service delivery and AOL falls short in that category.  Having worked in the software industry I have a keen sense of what drives these firms to operate the way they do.  The bottom line.  And I'm guessing the stockholders gave AOL managers a directive: improve the bottom line or else.  Find a way and just do it.  Business is business and love is shit.  That's just the way of the world.  Sooner or later all those free journal places will make a change when they start feeling the pinch of growing pains.

Money always talks, and bullshit always walks.  That, from this peace loving Taurus.  Go figure.


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thinkingoutloud said...

It appears that the Earth did shift.

And those "free" sites won't be- forever.

I'm still not seeing them.
Thank God!

Niki :)