Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Life As A Domestic Goddess/Diva

Good morning everyone!

Got a brief minute for a quick entry before I get started on my Saturday shuffle (read as Honey Do). Sam's already outside hitting his list, so I better get started on mine. We're going camping with friends on Wednesday night and I need to sew a canvas carrying bag for a folding table we bought last year. I purchased the material and supplies back then, so I better get this done, soon, lol!

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    pixiedustnme said...

    Sewing?  Well, aren't you just TOTALLY a domestic goddess?!!  I can see that in you ;-)  Enjoy your vacation!

    randlprysock said...

    Have a great camping trip!!!  Hugs,

    floridalady4u said...

    Have an awesome time camping idea of camping is staying in a Holiday Inn!!

    May I please have this tag with the following name


    Thank you kindly

    bridgetteleigh75 said...

    Pretty tag!

    Would love it with Janya and Marina, please.  

    Thanks so much!


    mommylildevils said...

    Just found your journal and I love this tag, Is it possible that you can tag this with my name(Stephanie) Ty! Feel free to stop by journal if you like.