Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Two Injections? I'll Have (THE) Gas

Okay, so three weeks ago I went to the dentist.  Now, it's been a while since my last visit, and I have a composite filling that cracked, so I know this will involve more than just routine cleaning.  X-rays confirm that yes, indeed, the composite (lower right) is cracked and I also have a cavity (lower left) that needs filled.  So the question is on the table.  Do I want to have both sides done at once, or split into two visits?  This seems like a no brainer (to me anyway...I will live to regret this); let's just do it all at once.

The receptionist looks over her glasses at me and asks, "Are you sure?"

"Yes.  I don't want to have to make two trips." 

Great...appointment is made, I leave.  All is well and good.

Today was the day.  Let me just get this out in the open, right now.  If you go to the dentist, and need to have work done on both sides of your lower jaw, split the appointment into two visits.  Apparently the part of my brain that supposed to remind me what it's like to have your jaw numbed went on vacation three weeks ago.

They asked me if I wanted gas, which I've never had before; I've always just taken the injection straight.  Today, all things considered, I opted for the gas.  After a brief explanation of the effects of the gas and what to expect, they begin.  The dentist gets the left cavity filled and begins on the right side.  He leaves momentarily, and while I'm laying there I feel like I have a small swimming pool forming in my mouth.  The dental assistant asks me how I'm doing.  I respond as best as I can, under the circumstances.

"I feel like I have a pool in my mouth."  Sounded good to me.

There is a slight pause, and she asks, "You feel like you have a fool in your mouth?"

Now I know why they call it laughing gas.  I looked at her, she looked at me and here come the giggles, immediately followed by an eruption of laughter, complete with a couple a snorts mixed in.  Now, I'm one of those people who, once I start giggling, I can't stop.  I really tried....honestly, I did.  But everytime she'd bend over to work on me, I'd start again.  Finally the dentist comes back in, and naturally wants to know what is so funny.  He could hear us all the way down the hall.  In fact, everyone in the office can hear us.

He sits down, and gives me that, 'Well? Are you going to tell me?' look.

I shake my head and give him the 'Don't look at me...I can't talk right now,' look. 

And his assistant is not talking either, she has turned away from us and is busily mixing up the next filling material.  Judging by the way her shoulders are shaking, I'm guessing that material got mixed together quite well.  A moment or two passes, and the dentist comments that maybe I'm getting too much gas and they should turn it down a bit.

"She's fine," his assistant smiles as she turns back to us and sets down the filling mixture.   He waits for a further explanation, but receives none, so decides to continue with the procedure.

So now, here I sit.  My jaw is still completely numb (the appointment was three hours ago), and I'm waiting for some feeling to return.  I'm hungry, but whatever I eat will have to be either soft, or consumed by way of a straw.  Maybe I'll have some ice cream, or a vanilla shake.  I just hope no one decides to call me on the telephone tonight, because there is no one else here to translate for me.



robinngabster said...

Mag- I forgot to mention I was a dental assistant for 10 years!  Work your jaw honey....move ip up and down...make chewing kind of motions and the feeling will come back sooner. Grab a coupld of advil now before it wears off and you wont be so sore either. Good luck....and BTW....I LOVE going to the dentist...I also love injections...I know...it is weird!

pixiedustnme said...

Be thankful it's only numb you're fighting - last time I went in to have an old cracked filling repaired I ended up with a root canal.  UGH.  No wonder I avoid the dentist like the plague.  -Kelly

my3gifts said...

ROFL! Thanks for my own giggles tonight!

delela1 said...

Kelly-been there, done that!  In fact, I have a story about me, Jose Cuervo, and a parked car that ended up costing me over $3000 in dental work. ;)

sirenspeaks said...

I gotta tell you, Robin's journal about this entry...a TAD misleading!  LOL  


I was thinking, "Man, does Dona write about everything...is nothing off limits?"  Ha Ha  Then I read your entry and thought, "Nope, it's ROBIN that has no limits!!!"  LOL



delela1 said...

D:  Okay, now that I've picked myself up OFF the floor having read your comment...(and, thanks for putting the link in BTW...I knew I shoulda put the word "THE" in that title)...my dogs are really starting to get worried about me.  They keep coming in here to check on me...guess their not used to hearing me laugh out loud so much.  :)

delela1 said...

Bo - you do realize you are the only person who caught my little innuendo about gas..."which I've never had before."  You are one sharp cookie...muffin...tart...Jose Cuervo slinging mama!  xoxoxo~Mag